Outdoor Lighting Fixture KGP2The outdoor lighting fixture KGP2 equipped with transparent plastic len..

Outdoor Lighting Luminaire KGP1The outdoor lighting luminaire KGP1 equipped with white or trans..

Street Plant Pot ONTARIOThe street plant pot ONTARIO completes the street furniture in parks, pedes..
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Portable Sign Post L420-INDICO.2SThe portable sign post is suitable for public institutions, hotels,..

Outdoor Bike Rack BIKE-5.SThe outdoor bike rack BIKE-5 completes the street furniture in..

Vintage Cast Iron Outdoor Bench DUBLIN-FRThe Cast Iron Bench DUBLIN-FR is made of cast iron ends and..

Street Bicycle Rack PARK-5The street bicycle rack PARK-5 completes the street furniture ..

Small Lighting Post SI-950 with GLOBE 300AThe small lighting post SI-950 is made by cast iron. This..

Wall Lighting Bracket ME550.VILLAThe wall lighting bracket ME550 is made of cast iron. The wall lig..

Aluminum Garden Bench BIRMINGHAM-ARThe aluminum garden bench is a classical and stylish choice for ..

Aluminum Garden Standing Drinking Fountain LISABONAThe garden fountain LISABONA represents an acces..
309.00€ 295.00€

Aluminum Letter Box on Stand LONThe letter box on stand LON is made of cast aluminum and has a vint..
155.00€ 149.00€

Aluminum Letter Box on Stand ZEITThe letter box on stand ZEIT is made of cast aluminum and has a vi..
82.00€ 78.00€

Aluminum Wall Mounting Letter Box BGH - GORThe letter box BGH - GOR is made of cast aluminum and has..
89.00€ 86.00€

Garden Bench 700-FR is made of cast iron and wood slats.This bench is a classical and stylish choice..
354.00€ 339.00€

Outdoor Wall Mounted Lantern ME510 OT580 LED 30WThe wall lighting bracket ME510 is made by cast iro..

Decorative Lighting Post FLR-22The lighting post FLR-22 is made of metal and decorative aluminum str..
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Outdoor Bike Stand CYCLE-3The outdoor bike stand CYCLE-3 completes the street furniture ..

MESSOLD  2F Outdoor Garden Furniture Set The MESSOLD Outdoor Garden Furniture Set is integ..

Street Lighting Post KT1H1-KL1The street lighting post KT1H1-KL1 is made by cast iron elements and..

Cast Iron Garden Lighting Post R-1bThe garden lighting post R-1b is made of cast iron. This cast iro..

Aluminum flower pot VERONAThe design of this pot offers a great elegance and turn it into a piece of..

Garden Armchair BAYSTON for Garden, Courtyard is made of cast aluminum and acacia wood slats.Th..

Aluminum Garden Standing Drinking Fountain KARACIThe garden fountain KARACI represents an accessory..

Garden Fountains
Garden Furniture
Outdoor Wall Lighting

Garden Furniture Sets

Garden, Bistro and Terrace Furniture Sets made of benches, chairs and tables specialy made for outdoor use. You can choose from our wide variety of terrace, garden, bistro furniture sets, integral aluminium or mixed with wooden slats.

Park Benches

Park Benches

Benches with Cast Iron legs, ends for parks, street and garden. Supports made from a everlasting material like cast iron and easy to maintain. Wooden slats are made from spruce or fir wood, specialy treated for outdoor use.

Park & Street Lighting Posts

Park and Street lighting posts. A wide variety of lighting posts made from steel tube or, and cast iron decorative elements, with 2,3,4 arms or without arms.

Park & Street Lighting Fixtures

Browse from our selection of classic park and street lighting fixtures. Metallic, Plastic and Aluminum casted Lighting Fixtures.

Directional Signage

Directional Sign Posts with decorative components made for streets and location use.

Waste Bins

Street Waste Bins, Litter Bins

Metallic Waste Bins for street, urban and parks environment. All litter bins, are coated for outdoor use, metallic parts - steel, cast iron, cast alu - powder coating painted and the wood elements with ecological water based coatings.