In winter, special attention must be paid to brakes and lighting. Visibility is often particularly poor in winter. During the day, too, when it is foggy or snowing, it makes sense to drive with the lights on.

It is best to check whether the headlights and taillights are working before every journey. If the lighting does not work and the cause cannot be found straight away, the bike belongs in the workshop.


Winter is near, it is November, it often rains. Slush and moisture contaminate the rims, and brake pads wear out faster as a result. Therefore, before setting off, check visually whether the brake pads are still thick enough. It should also be checked briefly whether the brake is working properly. Especially when bicycles are left outside overnight, moisture in the outer casing can freeze and block the brakes.


Moving parts suffer particularly from the effects of road salt. This is quickly noticeable on the bicycle chain, which can begin to rust significantly within a day. It helps to wipe off the moisture with a cloth after the ride and lubricate it with chain oil.


It is advisable to wipe off slush and moisture, especially if the bike is parked in warm indoor areas. Otherwise, bare metal surfaces can rust quickly. Not only does it look unattractive, it can also lead to damage - for example broken spokes.


The same benefit of having a bike rack or bike stand is that your bike will be safe whether you're visiting shops, universities, schools, workplaces, parks, private areas, or other locations. It is important to know that you will have your bike safe for as long as you want.

Depending on where they can be mounted, there are different types of bike racks: on the wall or on the floor.

For example, in a bike shop, it is best to choose a wall-mounted bike rack. This type of bike rack saves space and is also a great way to display bikes.

A bicycle-shaped bicycle storage room can be a good choice for a bicycle shop.

If you want to place a bike rack in front of shops, universities or schools, our bike racks can be unscrewed through the soles or simply concreted

The bike racks included in our offer are suitable for 1 and 11 bikes, depending on the model.

You can choose a bike rack with multiple storage spaces or multiple bike racks with 1 seat to achieve the look you want by placing them at any distance.

Our bike racks are made of steel and powder-coated. This coating offers excellent durability, appearance, exceptional corrosion resistance and is also available in a range of noteworthy colors.