All community events are held in larger spaces or city centers, and these, given the need to accommodate a large audience, need to be safe.

What makes a public space safe?

Security as such is diverse.

This is the kind of security we are talking about here is the security that is on the street.

And this security is present if and only if there are parking barriers and bollards.

However, these products can also make the public space more experiential, making it a living space.

Municipalities and last but not least design and construction companies as well as Manufacturers have a big role to play in the planning of urban planning and concepts!

Designers, but also manufacturers, are primarily concerned with aesthetics and proportionality, the selection of products and which can be used and enjoyed.

As manufacturers, we mainly try to emphasize the quality.

Some examples from our offer:

Poller, Space Barrier 908.A1:

Chain space delimiter, which is ideal for parks, streets, walkways, sidewalks, etc.

Outdoor Barrier DEL 2.B

A bollard that also has a bicycle storage function and is suitable for use near shopping malls.

Traffic Bollard 950 B

Smaller space delimiter.

Public Fences, Fences 908.B.G:

Cast iron enclosing fence, cast iron parapet for private and public use.

A product that can be adjusted at the request of the Buyer.

Parking Guard, Parking Guard BP-T2:

Parking guard to protect places where there is a risk of unauthorized parking of vehicles.

You will find many interesting models on our website, so feel free to visit us.