Boundary and demarcation

Everything is what it is only in its limits, through its limits. The border permeates the entire existence of the thing, therefore demarcation or segmentation is the central operation of our lives.
We demarcate areas, separate houses or land, there are nations, people beyond the borders, parts of the earth here and there, planets at the border of the Earth.
If someone overdoes something, we set a limit.

The Border narrows and limits.

Bollards, tools of spatial delimitation

Bollards are equipment designed for public spaces, parks, green areas, playgrounds, parking lots, around monuments, terraces, institutions, and offices.
The safety of playgrounds can only be maintained if there is no danger of cars and motorbikes driving into them.
In some places, no car can enter, e.g. on the sidewalks.
In other places, the traffic of certain cars can be allowed, e.g. in the case of hospitals, ambulances. In such cases, you can choose bollards with chain supports or tiltable bollards.

The material of the bollards

Our company offers cast iron and steel bollards.
Thanks to the first-class construction, they have a long service life.

How do the traffic barriers we manufacture fit into the landscape?

There are also buildings that require protection - old buildings, buildings whose facades you want to protect or in front of which you want to permanently reserve space for tourists/pedestrians, historical monuments, public spaces. Our high-quality, long-lasting cast iron bollards with their classic character fit right here.

Our steel products can decorate any modern building, shopping center or recently renovated park.

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