You've invested a lot of money in a few garden lights and they still don't provide the lighting conditions you want. What can be done?

How do you make a decision?

Visiting lighting stores is a possible solution.
However, assessing the quality and brightness of all lamps is an impossible task.

The situation is similar with searching on the Internet. Although it is more convenient, you can expect higher prices, incomplete information and a lot of luck when shopping online.

Regardless of the type of purchase, we always make decisions based on trust.
Your goal is to be satisfied with the product you purchased, so it is also the seller's goal: to win the trust of customers.

Various situations arise beyond those listed. In this case it is advisable to replace the product(s).

Avoiding mistakes

Replacing products can be long and tiring, so it's good to prevent a bad purchase.

Things to consider:

  1. Don't buy without asking
  2. Don't buy too much if you are not confident about the quality
  3. Before shipping, please double check that you are receiving the correct product in the desired color

Outdoor lighting 

When it comes to lighting the areas, in addition to improving the decoration, it is also about promoting safe traffic.
Our lower and higher floor lamps can be combined with different fixtures, whether it is a globe or another type.

A classic example is the floor lamp in the corner of the garden. And the entrance to the gate can be magical at night in the artificial light.

What can you expect from a garden lamp ?

The requirement for lamps is: long and trouble-free operation.
The longevity of our products is guaranteed for decades and you can easily spend your free hours in the garden/courtyard/patio from the day of installation, with the exception of your chosen light source.

What color?

Since color influences our mood, the shade of garden lighting must be carefully selected to achieve the desired mood:

Green – brings out the color of leaves and grass even more

White – a color that can be used generally when we want to preserve the authenticity of natural tones.

We invite you to take a look at our selection of bollard lights and to contact our staff at any time!