Physical activity is good

Walking is not to be neglected at this time of the year either, because it makes you feel better and puts you in a better mood. The forests, mountains and hills almost invite you.
Forest walks are the most popular, some people take a long walk every weekend.
Forest tours promise real adventures and natural beauty for those who like to explore nature.

Travel consciously!

The following aspects must be taken into account when hiking in the forest.
The forest is also a habitat for animals and plants.
The forest is valuable, help preserve its beauty and diversity!
Try to be inconspicuous, don't flinch.
Don't hurt the plants.
Only light fires in designated areas. Use fallen twigs and branches for making a fire, and always only as much as is absolutely necessary!
Take care of the cleanliness of the forest and forest waters!
Watch out for forest facilities and monuments!

Orientation without a map

Signs usually draw the attention of travelers to a tourist attraction.
Signs provide directions to various tourist attractions, caves, waterfalls, nature reserves, museums and architectural, historical or ecclesiastical monuments.
Nowadays, we go into nature without a map because we have smartphones. It is necessary and necessary to know how to find your way around, very often we "find our way" without realizing it when we ask passers-by for directions.
What if we don't meet anyone? The signposts are there!

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