Innovation is essential. Product renewal may be needed not only when new needs emerge in the market, but for many other reasons.

The compulsion to innovate

The introduction of new products is on the one hand a compulsion that the market dictates, on the other hand it is necessary to know that whoever innovates also takes the risk, so every new product is a new adventure for designers.

We come up with a new product with a long development, because we are aware that we also have to take the risk that the given product will not win the general liking or it may happen that it will not hold its place anywhere.

Novelty of our products

We are adding new products to our existing product groups.

Adding new product (s) to existing product groups is usually the most common, it is nothing more than adapting to changing needs.

Introducing cheaper version (s)

Given the market situation, inflation, it is obvious that most people cannot afford to buy the most expensive products, so we are also trying to create cheaper products.

The new product must be a good product!

After the ideas, the discussion, the actual creation and marketing, it becomes clear how successful the product is.

Based on Customer feedback, we best judge whether a new product is a good product.

KOGA product line 

The KOGA product line is the perfect blend of sophisticated form and harmony. The KOGA bench, combined with the KOGA table and why not the KOGA armchair, has resulted in the creation of an outdoor picnic set that can make lunch more delicious.

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