As more and more people decide to use bicycles when the weather gets warmer, various bicycle racks have become an everyday part of the townscape. However, it can also be said that most often, customers prefer the installation of simple and well-proven bicycle racks instead of unique solutions.

We consider it a special challenge if we can produce products based on the parameters/demands specified by the customer.
In such cases, the customer's needs and our manufacturing experience are successfully combined.

As a result of such a unique order, we developed the bicycle-shaped bicycle rack BICYCLE 1.1.
Starting from the already existing BICYCLE-1 model, with minor size changes, the new product was born, which provides excellent support for fashionable bikes with thick wheels.

Electric scooter storage

You can't necessarily ride an electric scooter alone. There are also models with double seats on the market. The TROTI 5 roller storage is a great choice for both. Surface treatment: zinc-coated, powder-coated steel structure.

Scooters are made for people who like simple things, in the same way our company focuses on the development of simple and quality products.

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