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13 Sep Welcome to KroneMag!
Diana-Ioana 0 22
Lately, the exterior design is a topic that has grown, people are more interested in the beautiful, interested that the space in the yard or garden to be customized for their lifestyle. No matter how big or small each person's outdoor space is, we ne..
06 Sep Back to school - recommendations for spatial planning in the schoolyard.
Diana-Ioana 0 8
An indirect way of doing education for the beauty is also in the preparation and arrangement of the school space in accordance with the canons of beauty.For many, starting a school is perceived as an expensive "business", regardless of whether it is ..
31 Aug Delimiting pillars - the perfect choice for public space
Diana-Ioana 0 11
The  boundary pillars are designed to provide security and protection for public and private areas. They can be used in several areas such as: car parks, green spaces, playgrounds, pedestrian alleys, historic areas, bicycle paths, etc.The durability ..
21 Aug How to choose lighting fixtures for your home?
Diana-Ioana 0 15
In each house or apartment, the lighting fixtures are indispensable accessories in any living space for interior or exterior, having both a practical role and an aesthetic one, which is of particular importance. Light sources (electric lamps) are the..
20 Jul Gardening: tips and ideas for setting up your garden
Diana-Ioana 0 41
Relaxation should not take account of outside weather. KroneMag provides you with a range of comfortable and affordable garden furniture.The garden is the ideal retreat for those who want to get rid of the accumulated stress over the day. With a litt..
04 Jul Garden Furniture - Design ideas
Diana-Ioana 0 56
Setting up a courtyard should not be necessarily and costly.Our site has brought together a wide portfolio of products, perfect to put them into practice in the home garden.Some recommendations would be tables or garden sets and why n..
11 Jun Beginning of summer offers
Diana-Ioana 0 120
Among the ash clouds, there are some golden rays of sun that awaken to life all the way. Yes, we are talking about the summer. And as summer always comes aloud with a flow of flowers, light and color, KroneMag arrives with a variety of products and o..
29 May Water based products for wood finishing
Claudiu 0 61
In our wood working experience, we have made many changes to improve the finish quality of our park benches and outdoor litter bins. Outdoor furniture / wood elements do not have the same regime as indoor furniture. For this reason the dyeing prepara..
04 May Bollards - a Solution for Restraining Access
Diana 0 149
There are places where the access of cars has to be restricted - for instance alleys of gardens, parks, public institutions, hospitals - and that is why we offer one of the largest bollard selection in the European market. In some of this spaces, no ..
24 Apr KroneMag products and your beautiful cities
Claudiu 0 124
KroneMag Millenium srl. has wide experience in production and design of street furniture, garden furniture, outdoor street lighting poles, and other industrial casted or metall products.KroneMag product portfolio includes: decorative poles for street..
06 Mar Custom Designs Using Wall Brackets
Diana 0 101
Not so long ago, we shared some things with you regarding wall mounted lanterns. But this is not the only way you can use the wall brackets produced by our company.Nowadays, the possibilities of making life more beautiful by surrounding ourselves wit..
01 Mar Garden Fountains - Beauty and Utility
Diana 0 90
Spring is a powerful symbol of rebirth, first season of the year; stil there are moments when nature needs a little help...What can symbolize a new beginning more than the buds of the trees that stand to crack or the fresh green of the flowers in the..
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