There are places where the access of cars has to be restricted - for instance alleys of gardens, parks, public institutions, hospitals - and that is why we offer one of the largest bollard selection in the European market. 

In some of this spaces, no car can ever entry; in this case, you can use Street Cast Iron Bollard 950B. Other places allow the acces for some cars (for maintenance, ambulances a.s.o.) - and that is why we can also provide some chain clamp models - such as BINEC or Street Cast Iron Bollard 908. No matter which one you need, we tried to make sure that they will fit into the landscape - delivering also traditional and contemporary designs.

There are also buildings that requires protection - old buildings, buildings whose facades you want to protected or in front of which you want to permanently keep space for pedestrian access, historical monuments, public squares; our high quality, long-lasting bollards come in a variety of styles and functional features, to suit many different applications.

No need to remind you that we are dedicated to research, innovate and develop urban, street and park furniture design for the public realm. Our team of qualified industrial designers, product engineers and production specialists believe that quality of design in the public realm is a measure of our success as an urban civilization.

And if you are not sure what to choose, we are always at your service, glad to answer any question to help you decide!