Not so long ago, we shared some things with you regarding wall mounted lanterns. But this is not the only way you can use the wall brackets produced by our company.

Nowadays, the possibilities of making life more beautiful by surrounding ourselves with nice thing are almost unlimited. We try to help you on this matter and make your choice harder, by always giving you more than one possibility :)

You can make your business more visible using nice advertising panels or information displays (; you can make your house remarkable by using wall hanging flowers and wall mounted lanterns. What is great about all items from above - you can make any combination you imagine! We can slightly alter the design so that the product fit entirely to your need, so that you can use same model of wall bracket for all items, in order to create a unitary image; as you probably know, many of KroneMag’s products are made on client order - due to many products combinations and variations. Wall brackets are powder coated, the coating is applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat, to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint and has a higher resistance over time. Although the standard colors for the brackets are black, dark grey and green, for special orders can be used other RAL Colors (please refer to our RAL Color Chart).

No need to remind you that KroneMag can also deliver terrace, bistro and garden furniture sets or just pieces that you need - tables, chairs, benches  - so that your place can become special and memorable, no matter if it is your home or your business space. 

Our products are available World Wide countries and one of us is always ready to help you during opening times.