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08 Jul Wall lanterns for your courtyard!
Diana-Ioana 0 55
Anyone who lives in a house and has a courtyard or garden, knows how difficult it is to deal with outdoor areas such as the courtyard, the garden, the terrace, etc. One of the most important things to keep in mind when setting up your garden is the  ..
04 May „All is old and all is new ...
Diana 0 91
My opinion is that the progress of mankind relies heavily on imitation; surely we can find pros and cons, but no one can deny the power of the example - which can also be positive or negative :)!Approaching exclusively the positive side - we learn fr..
03 May Ready for guests?!
Diana 0 131
We all know an old saying that tells that you should build carriages during winter and sleighs during summer… Keeping in between, most of us are planning our holidays during spring!We are not going to help you do that, but we would very much like to ..
01 Apr Pedestrian Lighting
Diana 0 4
What is Pedestrian Lighting?“Pedestrian lighting” as a term, can be interpreted in various ways:One of these: pedestrian lighting is defined as any type of lighting that illuminates pedestrians or pedestrian facilities. In a broad sense pedestrian li..
28 Feb Spring… in your heart!
Diana 0 83
If we look at the calendar, the spring is here! But… don’t look at the window :) Because after the past few months, when we have been looking out every morning filled with emotion, hoping we will see the long-awaited snow cover blanket - now looks li..
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