For many, December is a particularly critical month, with the thought of an upcoming holiday filled with joy but also concern.
Everyone is looking for Christmas decorations, then they are preparing their home for winter.
As the cold weather arrives, we feel much better when surrounded by warm colors.
Winter is a gray, colorless period when a gloomy atmosphere dominates the garden as well. However, it is not impossible to make the winter landscape colorful!


In this period, it is worth choosing from the evergreen or evergreen species.
Surprisingly, there are also flowering plants in addition to shrubs that retain their beauty even in winter, grateful ornamental plants that tolerate rough conditions well.


There are some things that need to be done before the frosts set in. One of the important tasks is to winterize the garden tap
Garden taps and drilled wells are equally exposed to frost damage, so we must not forget to let the water out of the pipes if possible.
The garden tap should be opened for the winter to remove any remaining water from the system, and it is recommended to leave it open during the winter.
It’s a trifle that anyone can do in minutes and save themselves a lot of inconvenience.

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