To improve energy efficiency, protect the environment and cope with global climate change, LED lighting products are the key products to promote economical lighting worldwide.

    In the future, with the continuous development of energy-saving lighting technology, the protagonist of the traditional lighting market is transformed from incandescent lamp to LED and the widespread application of information technologies of the next generation. Smart cities have become an inevitable trend.

    In terms of market demand, emerging countries in Southeast Asia and the Middle East are in strong demand. In the future, the global LED lighting market will present three major development trends: smart lighting, niche lighting and emerging national lighting.

Use LED bulbs - their advantages will convince you immediately!

    Except for the aesthetic characteristics, we must also discuss the advantages of LED bulbs.

First of all, if you give up the classic lighting in favor of LED lighting you will notice a decrease in the electricity bill. LED bulbs consume up to 50% less energy than conventional bulbs.

If you are a fan of ecology and a nature lover, you know that LED bulbs do not transmit ultraviolet and infrared rays, do not contain harmful gases and are very friendly to the environment.

The advantages of LEDs compared to incandescent and fluorescent lighting devices include:

    Low power consumption: 40% to 80% more efficient than conventional solutions and most types can be operated with battery powered sources. Saving up to 90% energy, LED lighting is the next step in light bulb technology.

   High efficiency

    Most of the power supplied to an LED is converted into radiation, with minimal heat output. Home lighting is the perfect blend of what is needed and beautiful. It helps us see in the dark, but it is much more than that. It can create an ambiance and establish a mood, it can highlight a space.

   Long service life

    When installed correctly, an LED can operate 5 to 50 times longer than conventional solutions. They are durable and elegant, with an average lifespan of 25,000 hours.

    Integrated solution

Flameless performance: works on a wide voltage range and is not affected by voltage variations.
Easy to use: they can be activated and deactivated in a very short time.
Non-toxic materials: Do not contain mercury and gases (no CO2 emissions).
Wide color palette: emits colors such as red, green, blue, purple + shades of white.
No heat emission: they do not heat the illuminated object, they can be used to illuminate paintings, fabrics, etc.
No UV radiation: Does not discolor the illuminated object (paintings, fabrics).
Easy installation: improved lighting efficiency, and this is due to the more efficient light source + directional light.