KroneMag Millenium srl. has wide experience in production and design of street furniture, garden furniture, outdoor street lighting poles, and other industrial casted or metall products.

KroneMag product portfolio includes: decorative poles for street lighting posts, parks and gardens made of cast iron or iron / metal; park benches and street banquets from cast iron and wood; Water fountains for street; outdoor garbage cans, waste bins; space delimiters from steel / cast iron; billboards, street direction, guidance and informational posts, and many other urban and street accessories.

Custom - Design - Manufacture - Modify any product according to your options in the most various and complex solutions at best industry standards

Garden, Courtyard and Terrace furniture, is also well represented by garden furniture sets made of aluminum, aluminum / wood, cast iron / wood; outdoor mailboxes from cast-aluminum ; garden and courtyard aluminum or cast iron fountains; outdoor decorations and other metallic aluminum and wood garden accessories,

KroneMag products are sold in Romania, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine and so on markets

KroneMag's customers and partners are very various: from individuals, specialized companies, municipalities, local councils, city and municipal household companies, landscape, developers and urban companies, and people interested in outdoor products, importers, exporters, dealers.

Qualified, active and dynamic, KroneMag team offers support to achieve all requirements of your projects. We provide to designers, architects, companies specialized in urban design and landscape, and others interested, the technical documentation in order to prepare the necessary projects and tenders.