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Erika Andrea 0 133
LET'S START THE YEAR TOGETHER!We welcome the new year, which we hope will be joyful and full of success for everyone!     This year, we have decided to come to your aid with our quality products.Regardless of the season and the weather outside, the d..
22 Nov Garden bench for children? In winter?
Erika Andrea 0 139
The answer to both questions in title is YES.    KroneMag's range includes benches for children, which in terms of shape and color lend a cheerful atmosphere to the terrace, but also to a larger children's room, and at the same time they can be used ..
08 Nov The role of outdoor wall lights
Istvan 0 240
Outdoor wall lights are used to illuminate and decorate the facades of buildings, but of course they also have their own function.The placement of outdoor lights requires some preparation and planning, as factors such as sunlight, wind direction, dra..
09 Jul Outdoor furniture with chess board
0 986
CHESS TABLE WITH TWO BENCHES CAMPINAThe chessboard set is a suitable accessory in parks and other relaxation zones. The unique table top rests on a metal leg.The chessboard itself is made of polycarbonate sheet. The table is available in two versions..
08 Jul Wall lanterns for your courtyard!
0 799
Anyone who lives in a house and has a courtyard or garden, knows how difficult it is to deal with outdoor areas such as the courtyard, the garden, the terrace, etc. One of the most important things to keep in mind when setting up your garden is the  ..
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