Park equipment with spruce wood outdoor furniture, benches:

The beauty of our place of residence and the well-being of our environment are of utmost importance in our everyday lives. You, too, prefer to walk in an aesthetic, tidy and friendly city / locality, where wonderful, functional benches - and not just benches, other furniture - provide the right overall picture?
The parks and pedestrian streets of our place of residence play a decisive role in our lives. If you want your city / residence to really serve all the needs of the people who live there, the outdoor furniture we offer really provides a solution!

Durability and aesthetics:

Thanks to its excellent properties, spruce wood park and street furniture retains its original beauty for several years.
When making our products, we not only keep practicality in mind, but we also consider it extremely important that they be aesthetic.
We design and make our street furniture in this spirit!

Adapting to the specifics of the place!

Of course, we take into account that each place has a different image - which has been developed over many years. That is why we have designed our street furniture and park furnishings in such a way that all styles can be found among them, from the classic lines to the modern style.

Uncomfortable benches:

Have you ever sat in a park bench and wondered why it was so uncomfortable? Often times, that's not an accident...
We can find the following explanation: Arm rests in the middle of a bench prevent someone from sleeping there, and short backs are designed to discourage people from lingering too long.
This is called “defensive design,” and it's used to alter human behavior and/or limit the ways in which an object can be used, whether it be a bench or an other product.
So defensive design isn't just limited to benches.
Most defensive design tries to solve some problem, like detering crime. However, some designs specifically target people who are experiencing homelessness, and/or make life more difficult for some people with disablities.
Most of our products provide comfort and we do not apply the above in the design.
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