Winter is coming, the hours of darkness already outnumber the hours of daylight. Research has shown that darkness produces a big fall in the number of people out walking – and a major reason for this is that people feel less safe walking in the dark.The fear of being mugged or victimised.
Some studies suggest that outdoor lighting can reduce crime rates in an area.
Street lights may or may not have an effect on crime, but one thing’s for sure – brighter levels of light do make people feel safer when walking at night. This can lead to a significant increase in the number of minutes people spend walking each week. It can also reduce the number of people who avoid leaving their homes at night, reduce social isolation.

Decorative lighting posts

To help you, we offer you several products that are part of the KroneMag portfolio, ideal for arranging, decorating and changing the desired space.
From the category Decorative poles we offer poles made entirely of cast iron or galvanized steel with decorative elements made of cast iron ideal for lighting parks, streets, public gardens with lighting of your choice
 Exterior lighting comes in different shapes, styles and materials and it is essential that the style you choose is complementary to the architectural style and interior decor of your home, for a flawless visual impact.

Model T28-L2

The T28-L2 2-arm street lighting pole, metallic made of steel sections with cast iron ornaments, is recommended for lighting on streets, boulevards, parking lots and public squares.

Used properly, street lights can improve people’s lives and help neighbourhoods come alive at night. But there’s still a lot to discover how people expect public lighting to be.