We all know that one of the protagonists of outdoor events is the foldable beer bench / beer bench set.

This set is popular for event organizers and caterers, as it can seat a relatively large number of people in a relatively small space. Their advantage is that they are easy to move, their legs are foldable, so they do not take up much space and are easy to store.

We at KroneMag have rethought this set and created the THAVIS.R product line.The THAVIS.R set consisting of two benches and a table has the same advantages and functions as the classic beer bench, but it is much more stylish and elegant and can therefore be the main character of more serious events, and at the same time it can also become an ornament of our home garden. A special advantage is that the THAVIS.R tables and benches are made with a more durable material and can be fixed through the special holes.

If mobility and easier storage are not a priority for our customers, they can choose from our bench/table sets that can be placed in public spaces or in the home garden regardless of the season.