Tourism in general

Tourism in recent years has become very affordable. The vast majority of people choose to go on vacation to visit a foreign country, to go to another beach, to see places they have only seen on TV or on the Internet, or heard about them from other people.

Tourism is culture.

Uniqueness is a replica of the standardization we face today. Tourists want to see in the countries they visit, what sets them apart from other regions, what they have to offer. The life of the locals, their festivities, the holidays, the traditions of the area.
Through cultural tourism we can have access to different cultures and social models, museums, works of art, monuments.

Types of tourists

There are several categories of tourists:
The shy tourist - is the kind of tourist who stays calm, does not create conflicts, does not intervenes in discussions and does not bother others with trivial questions.
Talking tourist - they want to have a discussion with you about anything is possible, whether you pay attention to him or not, he will continue to talk to you as if you were present.
The negativist - usually amplifies in bad, all the things that happen and, no matter how safe is the activity in which you want to involve him, he will certainly find reasons to think of something bad.
The impatient one - it doesn't even go well on the road, because a voice is heard asking “do we still have it? "," we made it? ". It can be funny at first, but along the way you want him to stop asking questions.

Plus many other types of tourists, but what brings them all together is relaxation. And they can best relax on a bench, next to the monument, museum, theater or ruins where they are, and if they catch the night, or are thirsty, a light pole and a fountain, would be more than appropriate. And we can help you with this, with a wide range of park and garden benches, drinking water taps and lighting poles