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14 Mar Bollards, parts of urban furniture
Jacinta 0 93
Boundary and demarcationEverything is what it is only in its limits, through its limits. The border permeates the entire existence of the thing, therefore demarcation or segmentation is the central operation of our lives.We demarcate areas, separate ..
21 Feb The urban furniture is the city's showcase
Jacinta 0 72
Showcases are not just an ordinary piece of furniture, they can turn into real stars, offering visitors a visual show. With the help of the showcase you can create a mini exhibition.More and more, urban furniture is considered a showcase of the city,..
10 Mar Comfortable benches without backrest
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The public places and locations of cities are of great interest, where people spend most of their time. Downtown, avenues, parks and public gardens need to be constantly modernized and developedAs a manufacturer, we would like to emphasize the import..
06 Sep Back to school - recommendations for spatial planning in the schoolyard.
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An indirect way of doing education for the beauty is also in the preparation and arrangement of the school space in accordance with the canons of beauty.For many, starting a school is perceived as an expensive "business", regardless of whether it is ..
24 Apr KroneMag products and your beautiful cities
Claudiu 0 4326
KroneMag Millenium srl. has wide experience in production and design of street furniture, garden furniture, outdoor street lighting poles, and other industrial casted or metall products.KroneMag product portfolio includes: decorative poles for street..
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