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18 Jan KroneMag, January
Jacinta 0 281
January is considered by many to be the longest month of the year.Christmas is over and everyone is already waiting for spring.Unfortunately, one has to wonder that there are still two difficult winter months, the sky is overcast outside, it gets dar..
11 Nov Bicycle Racks
Jacinta 0 166
LET'S TAKE CARE OF OUR BICYCLESIn winter, special attention must be paid to brakes and lighting. Visibility is often particularly poor in winter. During the day, too, when it is foggy or snowing, it makes sense to drive with the lights on.It is best ..
21 Jul Tourists and tourism
Andra 0 754
Tourism in generalTourism in recent years has become very affordable. The vast majority of people choose to go on vacation to visit a foreign country, to go to another beach, to see places they have only seen on TV or on the Internet, or heard about ..
08 Jul Psst ... It's summer!
Andra 0 117
It is summer!We all already think about what it would be like to stay on the beach, or why not, even to the mountains with your loved ones.How to withstand the temperature.This season is the favorite of many of us, even if the sun burns so hard that ..
28 Jun New products at KroneMag!
Andra 0 163
New products at KroneMag!In a rather changeable period, the market began to fluctuate more and more. That's why we try to keep up with the market, adding new products to the KroneMag portfolio.New products!When we say new products, we mean product im..
03 Jun HoReCa
0 213
What is HoReCa?HoReCa is one of the most important globally industries, which refers to accommodation and places for serving food and drinks. For example, here we can include small guesthouses or hotels, but also luxury restaurants and 5-star hotels ..
27 May How important is it to stay hydrated?
0 145
Water, a multi-aid.The body uses water for countless functions, including regulating body temperature and blood pressure, for the proper functioning of the brain, but also for transporting oxygen in the body. Water is more than half a person's weight..
21 May The advantages of cycling
Jacinta 0 146
It is very good for health.One of the biggest advantages of the bike ride is well known that it is very good for health, physical activity and it keeps you on a great shape. Good for heart and endurance, cycling is also recommended to strengthen all ..
10 Mar Your garden is your oasis of relaxation.
0 739
Your garden is your oasis of relaxation.If you feel that it is not complete, a drinking fountain or an artesian well can be the ideal solution to add elegance and refinement, to your garden.Around our house, the few steps we take around our house no ..
19 Feb Recycling, recycle bins and climate change
Jacinta 0 189
EFFECTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON HUMAN, ANIMAL AND PLANT HEALTHThe health effects of a changing climate are felt in all countries, and that fact requires that we adapt and take action.ADVERSE EFFECTS OF WASTE, USEFULL LITTER BINSThe global hunger for pla..
11 Feb Tools for beautifying the city
Jacinta 0 179
STREET FURNITUREThe beauty of the place is given by its appearance.For example, in parks we love to spend time in, there are lighting poles, benches, trash cans, drinking fountains, information boards and signposts to help you find your way around an..
04 Feb How Does Urban Furniture Influence Our Life?
0 393
Urban furniture is one of the key factors that contribute to the  quality of the life of the citizens.The city experience is actually a sum of the streets, roads, parks, playgrounds and gardens that people interact with every day. Urban furniture unc..
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