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16 Jan Bike Racks, Litter Bins, Fences - Importance of new products in the urban furniture industry
Gabriella 0 30
When it comes to urban furniture such as litter bins, bike racks or metal boundary fences, keeping the products up to date and creating new functional models is a necessity. The needs of society of an organized and well decorated city are increasing ..
08 Jan Small Lighting Posts for Residential Lighting
Jacinta 0 11
You can invest a lot of money in residential lamp posts and still not get the lighting conditions You want. Why is that?Your decisions are often not the best!You go to a lighting shop or furniture store to find out more about lighting. But assessing ..
18 Dec How to shop the best Christmas gift?
Jacinta 0 35
So many people are engaged in “panic-buy mode” as Christmas approaches, that the charm of Christmas is lost so You try to avoid it!Start earlyStart choosing the right gift in time.We invite You to check out the links below.DecorationsFlower Pots Lett..
11 Dec The right fence
Jacinta 0 18
Define Your Area with Fencing:Once your visitor has passed through your gate, let him see that he is in a special place that is different from the other. You can do this with clearly defined fencing. Attractive fencing makes visitors feel protected.D..
04 Dec How to store bicycle stands?
Jacinta 0 33
It is said that sport is very important for health, that movement gives us a well-being and fills us with energy. And what can be more enjoyable than a relaxing bike ride on a beautiful sunny day? Or we could combine the useful with the pleasant, usi..
27 Nov Benches for Your settlement
Jacinta 0 31
The story behind the public furniture/benches Do You want to set up a park in Your city, a playground, a driveway in front of the block, or why not Your yard or personal garden by setting up some benches with backrest? KroneMag offers the best soluti..
20 Nov Custom Letterboxes
Jacinta 0 17
How to choose a letterbox:If you want to get a new mailbox that replaces the old one, you need to fit it into the environment you belong to, as well as the personality of its owner.Material:The letterboxes we offer are made of cast aluminum and are a..
11 Nov The value of drinking water - Drinking Fountains
Jacinta 0 20
WaterYou’ve probably heard that you should drink water, but how much is enough? Can you drink too much?  The information regarding water intake varies, with some suggestions saying you should drink eight glasses of water a day and others suggesting t..
30 Oct Planters and Flower Pots
Jacinta 0 37
AutumnWho said that because it's the middle of autumn, You can not make the place where You spend many hours a day much pleasantful with some flowerpots? During the spring, You are usually busy with many planting and maintenance work, from autumn it ..
22 Oct How to choose an outdoor litter bin
Gabriella 0 60
Urban design is the process of designing and modeling streets, cities and villages.Unlike architecture, which focuses on designing individual buildings, the urban design deals with a wider range of expectations in order to make urban areas functional..
12 Oct Advertising Panels for smart  entrepreneurs
Gabriella 0 34
If you are thinking to purchase an advertising billboard, where you can place your own logo, or advertise, you should take in count the material that is made of.Many advertising panels or billboards are made from low quality materials, such as plasti..
04 Oct Decorative lighting poles use and design
Gabriella 0 86
When it comes to lighting, there is a tendency to over-light a park, street or other public space. But in fact, too much lighting can be just as bad as too little lighting.So why is the lighting important and what are the ways to use it?Increases saf..
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