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10 Mar Your garden is your oasis of relaxation.
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Your garden is your oasis of relaxation.If you feel that it is not complete, a drinking fountain or an artesian well can be the ideal solution to add elegance and refinement, to your garden.Around our house, the few steps we take around our house no ..
19 Feb Recycling, recycle bins and climate change
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EFFECTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON HUMAN, ANIMAL AND PLANT HEALTHThe health effects of a changing climate are felt in all countries, and that fact requires that we adapt and take action.ADVERSE EFFECTS OF WASTE, USEFULL LITTER BINSThe global hunger for pla..
11 Feb Tools for beautifying the city
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STREET FURNITUREThe beauty of the place is given by its appearance.For example, in parks we love to spend time in, there are lighting poles, benches, trash cans, drinking fountains, information boards and signposts to help you find your way around an..
04 Feb How Does Urban Furniture Influence Our Life?
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Urban furniture is one of the key factors that contribute to the  quality of the life of the citizens.The city experience is actually a sum of the streets, roads, parks, playgrounds and gardens that people interact with every day. Urban furniture unc..
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    To improve energy efficiency, protect the environment and cope with global climate change, LED lighting products are the key products to promote economical lighting worldwide.    In the future, with the continuous development of energy-saving lig..
14 Dec Garden Fountains, winter
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For many, December is a particularly critical month, with the thought of an upcoming holiday filled with joy but also concern.Everyone is looking for Christmas decorations, then they are preparing their home for winter.As the cold weather arrives, we..
11 Nov Outdoor Lighting
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Winter is coming, the hours of darkness already outnumber the hours of daylight. Research has shown that darkness produces a big fall in the number of people out walking – and a major reason for this is that people feel less safe walking in the dark...
04 Nov Drinking fountains - Characteristics
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FOUNTAINS AND DRINK WATER:Every settlement has at least one or more drinking fountains.Water is important.The fresh water tastes good and comes from an excellent thirst-quenching, clean, underground protected layer. and also contains a number of impo..
29 Oct Light post for surveillance camera
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Surveillance cameras not only give you an insight into what is going on inside / outside the walls of your private or business area, but you can also replay events with a video recorder.The camera can also be mounted on the side of houses / buildings..
21 Oct Outdoor benches for parks
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Park equipment with spruce wood outdoor furniture, benches:The beauty of our place of residence and the well-being of our environment are of utmost importance in our everyday lives. You, too, prefer to walk in an aesthetic, tidy and friendly city / l..
14 Oct Late autumn in the garden
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When we feel that the autumn wind is already shivering, we notice that the migratory birds are slowly heading south and the leaves are falling more and more, the rain is falling more and more often, we already know that the weekends will soon be curl..
07 Oct Bike Racks and their importance
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The bicycle is an environmentally friendly, healthy and cheap means of transport.In order for more people to ride a bicycle, an adequate amount of bicycle storage is also required.WHERE TO PLACE THE BICYCLE STANDS?In the absence of bicycle storage, c..
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