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13 May Perfect garden furniture
Jacinta 0 14
The weather is finally nice and we can meet the relatives at home. What would be the most perfect occasion for this than a garden party?In this time when we feel comfortable sitting on the garden bench and chatting next to the garden table full of de..
25 Apr Romantic garden
Jacinta 0 44
IRREQUIBLY ROMANTIC?Which accessories would you like to brighten up your garden or terrace with this year?We have a good suggestion: vintage accessories and lots of white paint - once you have all that, all you need is a candlelit dinner for the perf..
18 Apr Comfortable backless benches
Jacinta 0 39
Backless benches not only provide comfort, but can also add color and personality to the outdoor space. Thanks to the wide range of colors and designs, it's easy to find a garden bench that matches your existing outdoor decoration.Since it is lightwe..
04 Apr Buy garden benches
Jacinta 0 67
Spring is a magical season when nature comes alive, painting everything with bright colors and filling the air with the sweet scent of flowers.The first rays of sunshine make you want to buy garden furniture!You can choose from romantic, comfortable ..
27 Mar How to choose outdoor lamps?
Jacinta 0 57
You've invested a lot of money in a few garden lights and they still don't provide the lighting conditions you want. What can be done?How do you make a decision?Visiting lighting stores is a possible solution.However, assessing the quality and bright..
21 Mar Unique and well-proven bicycle racks
Jacinta 0 72
As more and more people decide to use bicycles when the weather gets warmer, various bicycle racks have become an everyday part of the townscape. However, it can also be said that most often, customers prefer the installation of simple and well-prove..
14 Mar Bollards, parts of urban furniture
Jacinta 0 93
Boundary and demarcationEverything is what it is only in its limits, through its limits. The border permeates the entire existence of the thing, therefore demarcation or segmentation is the central operation of our lives.We demarcate areas, separate ..
07 Mar Waiting for spring - Decorative fountains
Jacinta 0 164
When should the irrigation system be turned on in the spring?Spring weather comes with spring wind, and spring wind accelerates evaporation. In addition to nutrients, the big spring awakening also requires water.For intensive spring growth, plants ne..
28 Feb Signs on forest roads
Jacinta 0 102
Physical activity is goodWalking is not to be neglected at this time of the year either, because it makes you feel better and puts you in a better mood. The forests, mountains and hills almost invite you.Forest walks are the most popular, some people..
21 Feb The urban furniture is the city's showcase
Jacinta 0 72
Showcases are not just an ordinary piece of furniture, they can turn into real stars, offering visitors a visual show. With the help of the showcase you can create a mini exhibition.More and more, urban furniture is considered a showcase of the city,..
12 Feb February, the turning point
Jacinta 0 88
it is still cold outside, but the first signs of spring are already here.The days are getting longer and seeds and bulbs that have been dormant in the ground are waking up.Make a plan of what plants we want to plant this year.Once you've selected the..
01 Feb Continuous renewal
Jacinta 0 110
The introduction of new products is very important in the life of companies. It ensures contact with the changing consumer circle and often becomes a source of competitive advantage for the company.Importance of innovation:Innovation is nothing but n..
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