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11 Nov The value of drinking water - Drinking Fountains
Jacinta 0 4
WaterYou’ve probably heard that you should drink water, but how much is enough? Can you drink too much?  The information regarding water intake varies, with some suggestions saying you should drink eight glasses of water a day and others suggesting t..
30 Oct Planters and Flower Pots
Jacinta 0 10
AutumnWho said that because it's the middle of autumn, You can not make the place where You spend many hours a day much pleasantful with some flowerpots? During the spring, You are usually busy with many planting and maintenance work, from autumn it ..
22 Oct How to choose an outdoor litter bin
Gabriella 0 37
Urban design is the process of designing and modeling streets, cities and villages.Unlike architecture, which focuses on designing individual buildings, the urban design deals with a wider range of expectations in order to make urban areas functional..
12 Oct Advertising Panels for smart  entrepreneurs
Gabriella 0 23
If you are thinking to purchase an advertising billboard, where you can place your own logo, or advertise, you should take in count the material that is made of.Many advertising panels or billboards are made from low quality materials, such as plasti..
04 Oct Decorative lighting poles use and design
Gabriella 0 52
When it comes to lighting, there is a tendency to over-light a park, street or other public space. But in fact, too much lighting can be just as bad as too little lighting.So why is the lighting important and what are the ways to use it?Increases saf..
19 Sep The first step in the recycling process: selective waste collection.
Diana-Ioana 0 43
         During life, a person produces about 600 times more garbage than his weight, enough to fill a few trucks. The problem is that our planet is overcrowded and, by making it a little imagination exercise, we can understand what is happening glob..
13 Sep Welcome to KroneMag!
Diana-Ioana 0 41
Lately, the exterior design is a topic that has grown, people are more interested in the beautiful, interested that the space in the yard or garden to be customized for their lifestyle. No matter how big or small each person's outdoor space is, we ne..
06 Sep Back to school - recommendations for spatial planning in the schoolyard.
Diana-Ioana 0 27
An indirect way of doing education for the beauty is also in the preparation and arrangement of the school space in accordance with the canons of beauty.For many, starting a school is perceived as an expensive "business", regardless of whether it is ..
31 Aug Delimiting pillars - the perfect choice for public space
Diana-Ioana 0 24
The  boundary pillars are designed to provide security and protection for public and private areas. They can be used in several areas such as: car parks, green spaces, playgrounds, pedestrian alleys, historic areas, bicycle paths, etc.The durability ..
22 Aug How to clean and restore garden furniture?
Diana-Ioana 0 73
Your garden furniture might be looking a bit shabby, but don’t give up on it just yet.  It can take just one afternoon to transform it from lacklustre to lovely. It’s satisfying and simple to do, and means you don’t need to splash out on anything new..
21 Aug How to choose lighting fixtures for your home?
Diana-Ioana 0 39
In each house or apartment, the lighting fixtures are indispensable accessories in any living space for interior or exterior, having both a practical role and an aesthetic one, which is of particular importance. Light sources (electric lamps) are the..
20 Jul Gardening: tips and ideas for setting up your garden
Diana-Ioana 0 54
Relaxation should not take account of outside weather. KroneMag provides you with a range of comfortable and affordable garden furniture.The garden is the ideal retreat for those who want to get rid of the accumulated stress over the day. With a litt..
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