Urban furniture is one of the key factors that contribute to the  quality of the life of the citizens.

The city experience is actually a sum of the streets, roads, parks, playgrounds and gardens that people interact with every day. Urban furniture unconsciously shapes our city experience, habits and feelings.
Objects designed for urban public areas are accepted to be within the scope of urban furniture. Coming in different forms such as benches, waste bins, bus stops, lighting, signs and more, urban furniture should combine functionality and aesthetics.
All these items enrich the city experience and play an active role in shaping the citizens behaviors. Therefore, street furniture designers are the first who should  encourage public participation and positive environmental impact.

Going Green :  Living the Sustainable City Life

Lately the interest in green spaces and energy conservation methods have increased. Mental improvement and other health benefits are the motive for which humans approach more and more the green spaces.  As a result of the growing urban population and increasing pollution, eco-friendly urban furniture have become an urgent necessity.

Street Furniture's function

Urban furniture should be designed so that it assures functions such as rest, communication, lighting, play, protection, navigation, waste disposal and so on. We took part in many projects in the field of urban furniture so far.

• Benches, picnic tables, and chairs are meant to provide seating for the people. These items are essentials to create an environment where people can think, rest, and socialize.
• A well organized city it's not only represented by  cleanliness, green areas, touristic and historical areas, leisure spaces, but also, by  the way it assures the needs of citizens and tourists  to navigate comfortably in the public space. Therefore any city needs maps, street signs and information boards.
• Outdoor furniture sets with chess boards and playgrounds designed for children are also some examples of urban furniture that satisfies children’s need for play. They enrich the city experience by creating an entertainment element within city life.

• Waste disposal is a major subject of any city hall administration.
The world generates larger and larger quantities of solid waste annually, and the most part of it is not managed in an environmentally safe manner. 
Therefore KroneMag tries to meet the needs of urban spaces having variants of both garbage cans for household and selective waste.
When looking forward, global waste is expected to grow to 3.40 billion tones by 2050, more than double population growth over the same period. At the moment more than half of waste is currently openly dumped, and the trajectories of waste growth will have vast implications for the environment, health, and prosperity, thus requiring urgent action.
According to different requirements such as capacity, usage or waste type you can find on market a large variety of litter bins. Separation of recyclable waste is also an issue that gains more and more interest every day.

• When it comes to lighting, there is a tendency to over-light a park, street or other public space. But in fact, too much lighting can be just as bad as too little lighting.
Every city has its own unique features. Either in the form of historical monuments, statues or nature – every city tells a story behind it.

Why do we need proper city lighting?

• The way indoor lighting can make or break your interiors and the ambience, outdoor lighting works in the same way.
• The right lighting can help you enhance the beauty of any city with the utmost grace and elegance.
• Not only with the monuments or places with cultural importance, adding the correct lights to streets or corners of a town can make it aesthetically appealing.
• Installing different lights at different angles can beautify a city on a completely new level. Not to forget, a well-lit city feels safer and more welcoming.

So why is the lighting important and what are the ways to use it?

Increases safety in areas that people use, such as doorways and bus stops.
Aids in geographic orientation ,as people can use well-lit focal points (fountains, buildings, bridges, towers, sculpture, et al.) as landmarks to help them find their way.
Highlights the identity and history of an area, for well-lit historic details draw attention to the uniqueness of an area.

Bus shelters  are the ones that protect against rain and wind, but also can be used as advertising spaces for companies. for citizens comfort they can be equipped with seating benches and lighting systems.

A simple drinking fountain can yield surprising results with many users in high traffic areas. Having a multitude of benefits such as being low maintenance, eco friendly and convenient,
The addition of drinking fountains adds value to a private or public space.
Highly suitable but not limited to public parks and amenities, gyms, schools, beaches and sporting facilities drinking fountains can be in outdoor environments with KroneMag offering a wide range of versatile options to suit your application.

In addition to all these, advertising poles, fences, bicycle parking elements and much more can be included in street furniture.
We are well-aware of the huge effects that the smallest details can have on human life and daily experience. Keeping in mind that any city has it's own life, it's own vibration, we try everyday to find the perfect urban furniture for each of them. Also we continue to work on new urban furniture design projects keeping up with all innovative trends.